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  1. Also, If I delete the computer from System Center and image it as a new unknown machine it works fine.
  2. I have done this already. I do get an IP address. Not sure what to do next.
  3. Hello, I have been experiencing a problem with WinPe booting up. When it hits the "establishing network connections" it reboots. I looked through the log file and do see that it sees my network adapter. This recently just started and happens on three different model computers. Any help would be appreciated. I have attached the SMSTS.log below. smsts062915.log
  4. I never use the CAB files. When I get brand new machines, I boot them up, make an account and pull the drivers off with a program called Double Driver. It works well. It only pulls off the inf files.
  5. Hello, I am interested in deploying a "refresh" image to existing System Center Clients. In the past if I needed to image a computer I would delete it from System Center and image as an Unknown computer. This is okay solution if you have to image a computer here or there. I am in the process of needing to image a large amount for a school district (that are already clients) and would like to retain computer name. Can someone possibly help with how I would set up the TS with possible screenshots. Below is a screenshots of my current TS for new unknown computers. Thanks
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