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Mouse and keyboard not working after OSD

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Updated our image shortly after installing CU5, but now we have one model of workstation where the keyboard and mouse do not work after OSD. After some research, it appears the issue is related to improper driver install...going into Device Manager and updating the driver for keyboard and mouse will fix the issue.


Since it only impacts one model of workstation, it is not major issue, but definitely adds an extra step for my helpdesk techs.


The image is being created from a VM on Hyper-V running on Win8.1, and was created/updated in the same fashion as we have done previously. The only change since the last image update was the install of CU5, so I'm wondering if that has something to do with it.


In either case, I was wondering if anyone else had run into this issue of keyboard and mouse failing due to bad drivers after OSD?


I haven't yet installed SP1 for R2, as I was just going to wait for the release of vNext, but I may give that a try to see if there is any improvement there.


Any help is appreciated...thanks!

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Just wanted to post a follow up as a resolution to this issue.


The reason they keyboard and mouse were not working was due to the Intel ICH9 (and ICH10 on some models) usb hub not working due to a driver issue. Even downloading the proper driver from the Intel site and importing those into SCCM would not install correctly. I ended up downloading devcon and creating a package with different programs for the different generations of USB hubs in the impacted workstations. Then in my task sequence I added the programs with WMI filtering to run for the specific models.


The program command looks like this (the hardware ID obviously changed depending on the model):


devcon.exe updateni "C:\Windows\inf\usbport.inf" "PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2936"


This updates the driver for the usb hub, and the keyboard and mouse correctly work after OSD.

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