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WSUS and Software Update Point problems

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Hi there


I have a problem that's causing some heartache at the moment. We have a CAS and a number of child Primary Sites. The CAS is set as the "parent" SUP/WSUS server with the Primary Sites set to synchronize with the CAS. This was all working just fine until about a week ago. What's happening now is that client machines are failing their Software Update Scans (0x80072ee2) across the board. In addition IIS is pegging the Primary Sites CPU at 100% constantly.


What i have tried so far is a removal of WSUS and the SUP Role from the Primary Sites and a re-install of same. Once re-installed the Primary does appear to sync correctly with the CAS (wsyncmgr.log) but the above issues just re-appear again. I'm leaning towards some kind of corruption in the CAS WSUS DB, but am open to correction.


What i was thinking to try next was a complete removal of WSUS and SUP Roles across the whole hierarchy and start again but the fear i have with this is that i will lose all my Software Update Groups and "approved" updates at the CAS, and therefore, also at the Primary Sites. Obviously i'd like to avoid this at all costs.


Does anyone have any advice? If i remove WSUS and the SUP Role from the CAS, will i indeed lose all of the "metadata" from a SUG/update approval perspective?


Many Thanks

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