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WDS 2012 - Application install options

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This will be my first post and first time using Windows Deployment Service to base line/prep our client machines. I apologize if these questions have already been answered. I will continue to search the forum but in the mean time, please let me know of the following is possible.


Can we setup WDS in a way that a tech can boot to PXE, Select what OS and what additional software to install?

ex) Select Windows 7 (x64) w/ office 2010

ex) Select Windows 7 (x64) w/ Office 2013

ex) Select Windows 10 w/ office 2016..


We would want to have the option to select the OS (Windows 7 - Windows 10) and then additional software (Office 2010 - Office 2016,Java, flash, adobe reader etc).

This could save us time and space. this way we don't need to have images for each combination.


I'm not asking for someone to walk me through the entire setup but if you could reference specific sections or items to concentrate on, it would be appropriated

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