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Server Uptime Dashboard

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I would like to have a dashboard that shows the aggregate uptime of all out windows servers over the course of the week, ex. 9 of 10 servers were up and did not go down over the last week, we had 90% uptime. As well as a list of the servers that went down. When digging around it seems like this is something I could do with an SLA dashboard but it doesn't seem to quite do it.

I've authored a Service Level Tracking SLO to target all "Windows Server" objects (which only displays 68 servers of our 150 when I put all the SLO to a dashboard), then I've set the SLO to monitor availability where downtime is anything not in planned maintenance.

I also have not idea how to get it to aggregate each servers individual uptime into an aggregate of the total servers.

Any ideas?

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