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Windows Server 2012 : Deduplication - Optimization

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Hello :) ,




In the configuration of deduplication , what is the parameter "Full" in type "Optimization" ?


What is the consequences if this service is enabled ?


































Thanks: )



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Deduplication is a space saving software optimization. Say you have a file server with 200 users. The company sends out a new employee handbook and 150 of those users save it to their network share. Deduplication goes out, sees 150 copies of the same thing, erases 149 of those copies, and then creates a pointer in every one of those 150 user's share to the one version it didn't erase. This is over simplified, but gets the point across.


The possible ramifications of what you are showing as I read it is that you will chew up CPU and disk I/O cycles if you turn this on. You may have a small environment and this won't be a big deal. But if you have a thousand users putting documents all over the place all day long. I would be very careful of that "stopwhensystembusy" flag being false, but you have it running after business hours so it SHOULD be ok.

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