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SCCM Capture Win7 fails 1/6th into the capture volume 2-2

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I am using hyper-v to build a windows 7 image (installed from scratch MVL disc), installed all of the windows updates, then using a windows 10 ADK boot file, I create the capture media and try to capture the image. This is how I've always done this in the past and it works fine with Windows 10. But so far I've tried this on three computers and each time the system runs it's sysprep, reboots, starts in PE, scans the volumes, then starts capturing them. But shortly into the second (OS partition) volume, it craps out and hyper-v just restarts for no reason, no warning, no ability to press F8 to open a log file because there is no warning, it just reboots/crashes...


After it crashes chkdsk runs because of the unclean shutdown and it brings up a new computer as expected since sysprep was run.


I have been building a windows 10 image simultaneously on the same hyper-v server host, righting to the same UNC path, with the same credentials, and the same capture media - no problems for windows 10 - just windows 7 that's crashing.


Any words of wisdom? I can't find anything specifically identical to this crash issue...



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