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AD using Pre-modified computer name.

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Hi all,

I'm extremely green to the whole remote deployment side of things. I have my images and unattended xml files and have pretty much worked most things out with a lot of trial and error.

However there is one thing that i can't figure out.


Under MDT you would be prompted to enter a PC name and that would join the domain and be staged in AD with the PC name as entered, ready for you to transfer it to whichever OU you wanted.

But with WDS and unattend files, at the final leg of the setup, I get a prompt to name the PC however when I check AD it has picked up a randomly generated name (WIN-DFG34WDGF87) which i'd imagine would have been the pre-modified name.


My question is is there a way to set the name so that AD is populated with the PC name of my choice? The name's are always going to be different and non sequential so the WDS Naming Policy in the server properties is no good.


Any ideas?

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