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treat storage in disk pool as two targets

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Hello all,


I have run into a problem with DPM 4.7.1273.0 . I have two iscsi LUNS mounted in my disk pool. One is onsite and one off (but on net). I am trying to get a backup set off site and on. This has proven harder then I thought. I assumed from some basic reading I could specify where a backup set lives. But it looks like the best I can do is backup a server or workstation in either unit but not both. We are using two 20 tb ready nas units and the backups for a two week rotation are about 9 tb. They can not do block level replication so I can't use the built in replication features to replicate the iscsi LUN. Is there any way to get two copies of my backup set one on and one off site with DPM, or will have to find some third party way to do this?


Thanks for any help!

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