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SCOM 2012 : Virtual machines disk monitoring

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Hi guys,

I work as an intern in a company and I have been asked to do some tasks using System Center but I’m having a problem with a specific one.

I was asked to monitor the disk space left on the drives of a few virtual machines and send an alert when there’s a certain % left. (Yes, I deployed the agents on the VMs and also some VMs have more than one disk like C:\ D:\ and E:\)

So my problem is that I don’t know which monitor to override. I tried : hyper-v 2012 virtual disk drive and hyper-v 2012 r2 virtual disk drive and even some Windows Server logical disks. The weird thing is that when I go in Monitoring > Microsoft Windows Server > Health Monitoring > Disk Health, I can see the VMs drives but it says “Not monitored”.

Can someone give me a few instructions please?

Thank you.

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I would start with finding a View in the Monitoring workspace, and specifically locate the View that shows Disk Space. Then right-click on one of the items shown, go to Properties, and then you should be able to determine which Monitor/Rule you specifically need to look at and override.

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It actually helped for when I needed to know which monitor I needed to put the alert notification via email on.


For my "not monitored" problem, I actually did not have Windows Server 2008 Monitoring MP installed (yeah, my bad...).


But anyway, thank you for the help.

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