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Lenovo ThinInstaller during OSD Task Sequence

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Hi all,


Maybe someone has some knowledge on this topic and could help find a solution to my problem :


- We have various models of Lenovo computers in my company, and we want to install all needed drivers and applications from Lenovo Update Retriever using ThinInstaller.

- I got it working fine using a separated Task Sequence deployed to a collection that I can run from Software Center. So running it in Windows when logges in is working just perfectly.

- Now I would like to integrate the same steps inside my current OS deployment task sequence (we are deploying Windows 10 Enterprise edition).

- When I run the same command lines inside the OSD TS, it copies the files of ThinInstall on C:\ThinInstaller correctly, but the second command that runs effectively ThinInstaller seems to not be run at all (no logs in thininstaller folder, when it is working there is some...)

- The steps are currently close to the end of my OSD TS, after a reboot to the installed operating system (so not in WinPE).


The commands are the following :


Step 1 : Copy ThinInstaller

xcopy "\\server\share-to-thininstaller-folder\*.*" "C:\ThinInstaller" /E /Z /Y /I

> This commands is running as a domain admin account, and run as expected (all files are copied correctly to the local disk).


Step 2 : Run ThinInstaller

ThinInstaller.exe /CM -search A -action INSTALL -noicon -includerebootpackages 1,3,4 -noreboot -repository "\\SERVER\LENOVO-REPOSITORY"

Start In : C:\ThinInstaller

Runs as a domain admin account

> This command to not run at all (nothing found in the logs).


I tried to change the step 2 with a batch file, same result.

Also tested to remove the "run as" option, no luck.


And again, the exact same command lines run perfectly in a separated task sequence ran from Software Center...


I'm stucking here right now and is out of clue.. If anyone has an idea how to achieve that, he is more than welcome !


Thanks all in advance for your help,



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Here's how I have it working in my environment.

First, I install the driver package and have a condition WMI query Where Model like "%####%" (replace #### which lenovo machine type)


Then.. before the "Setup Windows and Configuration.." step.. I run these 2 steps

1) a command to create a directory

2) Copy all files from a package to that directory. (I made a package with all of the thininstaller files)



My Final step of the TS runs this command:




This has been working great for us..


Make sure to edit thininstaller depository to lookout for updates that require restarts.. you can deploy BIOS updates this way too, but it also requires changing the bios package in the thininstaller DB to suppress restart.

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That's awesome that you have that.

So, why do you have it run ThinInstaller AND the apply driver steps? Isn't that performing the driver install twice?
Would it be better to install just the LAN driver and then have it go through the rest and install the drivers through ThinInstaller?



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