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  1. Still no resolution here. please let me know if you figure something out
  2. I setup Co-Management as well.. and same thing it works after the client is on site to get the setting. On another site I found this as a possible solution: add the following values to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\CCM in the registry and restart the client agent: CMGFQDNs (string): FQDN of the CMG DisAllowCMG (dword): 0 Would have to figure out a way of doing this on clients somehow,.
  3. No.. but I thought that was mainly to prevent VPN users from eating network bandwith. CMG is working.... The problem is the user needs to be on site to get the settings which update the client to be able to use a CMG.. I need to figure out how I can do that remotely when no one is on site or connected via VPN.
  4. Hi All, Currently managing SCCM infrastructure for K-12 School District. Since we are currently on stay at home orders, I've researched Cloud Management Gateway to be able to patch / deploy software to clients over the internet. We have very few concurrent VPN licenses and the client is not installed on everyone's machine. All Devices are already Hybrid Azure Joined through SCCM. I successfully setup CMG using a cloudapp.net address... IF a user connects through VPN, their client will update and then CMG works great! So my question is as follows: How can I get clien
  5. Hi All Running SCCM 1602 Primary Site Server running most roles including SUP Site System Server running Site Database Server If i want to update my environment for windows 10 servicing... Can I make another site system server with 2012 r2- install SUP role, uninstall SUP role from primary server and be OK? Any help appreciated. thanks.
  6. Also - my repository path is stored in the Thininstaller.exe.configuration file
  7. Here's how I have it working in my environment. First, I install the driver package and have a condition WMI query Where Model like "%####%" (replace #### which lenovo machine type) Then.. before the "Setup Windows and Configuration.." step.. I run these 2 steps 1) a command to create a directory 2) Copy all files from a package to that directory. (I made a package with all of the thininstaller files) My Final step of the TS runs this command: This has been working great for us.. Make sure to edit thininstaller depository to lookout for updates that require restarts.
  8. Currently I have a Primary site which houses most roles, and a site system server with SQL. To fix my environment to support servicing... Can I point my primary site SUP to a seperate WSUS upstream server? or Can I just uninstall software update point on my primary site server, make a new site server, install WSUS, and install SUP on that server? Will either of these options work?
  9. I'm confused if my enviornment will support windows 10 servicing.. I'm running SCCM 1602 on Server 2008r2 - WSUS 3.2.7600 The appears, looks like it downloaded, and I deployed to a test OU. Installing the update fails on a client computer. Do I look into why this install is failing? Or is this enviornment not supported for windows 10 servicing? Do I need a 2012 software update point, or separate WSUS server? thank you,.
  10. Hi IM running SCCM ver. 1602 on windows server 2008r2. I do see windows 10 current branch 1511 downloaded in servicing, but it fails when clients try to install. It seems WSUS needs to be on server 2012 in order for windows 10 servicing to work properly. Can I just create a new server, install wsus, and change server2008 wsus upstream to look there? Or do I need to make new software update point on a different server? Any help appreciated. thanks
  11. Hi, Currently I use 1 task sequence with a large amount of collection variables to determine specific software,settings scripts, etc during OSD. I have to image 100+ new, replacement computers. I have the TS set to prompt for System name of unknown computer and I name them the same as what they're replacing. During the OSD it does not validate the variables since I assume the computer record doesn't change until after sccm client inventories it? IF I run the OSD a second time it will get the correct values. Is there anyway to inventory and replace the computer record during the initi
  12. Wow. Thank you! That worked!! 1. How did you figure that out? 2. What is that trigger doing? Thanks again!!! It's been 3 days of frustration.
  13. Trying to resolve issues with clients not registering after R2 SP1 Upgrade.. SMSDBMON.LOG is giving me this error over and over again.... any help appreciated. Warning: Could not create file C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\ccr.box\SMSSITECODE=BCS DISABLECACHEOPT=TRUE DNSSUFFIX=bcsdny.org MP:BCSD-SCCM /logon.CPC, Error=123. SMS_DATABASE_NOTIFICATION_MONITOR 6/10/2015 1:30:02 PM 6796 (0x1A8C) Warning: Could not create file C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\ccr.box\SMSSITECODE=BCS DISABLECACHEOPT=TRUE DNSSUFFIX=bcsdny.org MP:BCSD-SC
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