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Install Windows 10 Store Post-Reimage

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Hello All!

I hope someone out there can help me with the current issue I am facing as I have been unable to find a solution and need some help.

In creating our Windows 10 image, I removed most of the built-in provisioned apps, including the Windows Store, as it was always more of a nuisance in Windows 8/8.1 than anything else and nobody used it and we officially didn't have a reason to use it. So, I removed the Apps (and Store), sysprepped the image, captured it and have been deploying it (rather smoothly I might add) since then. However, now that we are on Windows 10 and the school year is 2 weeks in, I've been asked to find a way to get the Minecraft EDU version from the Windows Store onto several machines. However, I have been unable to find a way to restore the Store on any machine that has been imaged with that sysprepped image (so, namely, ALL of my machines). I have tried the directions from the following sites without success:

I have also tried copying the C:\Program Files\WindowsApps folder from my machine (which was actually installed by hand with Windows 10 so I could test things initially) that still contains the Store to another machine and running the commands from the websites listed above thinking that may do the trick as well, but still haven't had any success.

Other sites I have researched have suggested "upgrading" the machine from Windows 10 to Windows 10 using the Windows Media Creation Tool. However, that is not really an option as I may have to potentially do this to hundreds of machines. I would like to find a way that I can push this out either via SCCM or some kind of script whether it uses PowerShell or VBS if need be (PowerShell preferably though as I hate VBS!).

Either way, I would just like to find some way to make this work even if just for a few machines to get me by without haveing to "upgrade" the machine over itself.

I'm running out of options here and running out of ideas and could really use some help with this one.

Anyone out there have any ideas?



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