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sccm, cb, wsus updates dont copy to ccmcache

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Dear Team,


Please advise on an Windows Updates issue.


Installed a 1606 sccm standalone site on W2012 R2 server, with WSUS and WDS roles.

I have configured a SUP role. Have succesfully synchronised with Windows Updates online, and have download +- 35 Windows 10 Critical updates. These are visible in console, I have created a Software Update Group, and deployed this to a W10 workstation with new sccm client.


Problem is updates never show up on client. Content doesnt get copied to ccmcache directory.


I have viewed most of the client logs relating to Updates.

Few things i see:


-Failed to attach update to the automation wrapper, error = 0x87d00215
-EnumerateUpdates for action (UpdateActionInstall) - Total actionable updates = 0
-Received User delta policy update with 0 assignments
-Exception System.Management.ManagementException: Generic failure (Microsoft.SoftwareCenter.Client.Data.WmiConnectionManager at ExecuteQuery)
But I think problem is not on client, but on server.
I have succesfully distributed other software applications to client. But updates dont come.
Firewall ports 8530, 8531 are open.
Windows Updates Automaticly is disabled at client via policy.
Client recoginises SUP, I see my SUP in logs. and can ping via FQDN.
Alle site-roles and component status are green in SCCM logs.
Any help is appreciated.
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