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Unable to figure out how to get OSDComputerName to work

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SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 CU3 (5.0.8239.1403)

Windows 10 Enterprise 1607 x64 CB (KMS Product Key)


I am unable to figure out how to create a task sequence that deploys Win10 using OSDComputerName.


Here is what I am doing:


Create Hyper-V VM

Install Windows 10

Run Windows Update

System is NOT joined to a domain

Use capture media and import as new OS image

Create task sequence; I have tried moving around the 'Set Task Sequence Variable' but nothing seems to work

post-19264-0-67077000-1478128198.jpg post-19264-0-17925800-1478128208.jpg

PXE boot and run task sequence

Enter something like 'OSDTEST' when prompted for 'OSDComputerName'


The result is a system that joins the domain with a name like MININT-XXXXXXX.


Other tidbits:


There is nothing in the C:\Windows\Panther\Unattend folder. I believe there is supposed to be an Unattend.xml file there.


My task sequence includes a few other customizations including installing the SCCM Client and a couple of applications. All of these other things work great.



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If you have enabled unknown computer support on your PXE DP then you add the OSDComputerName collection variable to the built-in Unknown computer collection as per this guide


There are scripts available also if you read further through the guide that does the naming for unknown Computers also.

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It looks just like the example in the guide.



When I run the task sequence I get a prompt for OSDComputerName, enter whatever I want, and then the task sequence continues on its merry way. Unfortunately for me I can find no proof that the task sequence used the name I entered. My logs look just like the logs submitted by people showing an OSD that successfully used the variable.

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Rocket Man's question 'what does it do' confused me for a while. A lot of the posts dealing with using OSDComputerName make it sound like the variable is baked in to SCCM and it 'just automagically' works. While searching around I found someone else who was having the same problem. This other person mentioned adding the 'set task sequence variable' AND setting it to %OSDComputerName%. Ah...is that what Rocket Man was talking about!?! I have never used variables in a task sequence before so I had no idea what actually needed to be done.


This is what the OSDComputerName task sequence needs to look like:




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I forgot to mention that I used the same link you provided as a guide to set everything up. It is my belief that I have configured everything properly,

This is why I asked and now I am confused :wacko: as stated previously it's not on the task sequence you set this its on the unknown collection as a collection variable as per the guide ;)


If you take a look further down the guide I have submitted a vbs script that will also do the naming for you. Just create a package from the vbs script no need for a program, distribute to DP(s).

On your deployed Task Sequence apply a run command line step directly after partition disk step and in the command line task simply enter in the name you called the script i:e PromptForSystemName.vbs and then in the package option of this task select the vbs script package.




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