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Win 10 Servicing - 1511 Client compliant for 1607 Feature Update

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I have a "Windows 10 Servicing CB Test Group" collection that I manually drop clients into to begin the servicing update to 1607. Update is required. I have previously used this (say, over a month ago).


I have a Surface Pro laptop that "winver.exe" shows as having 1511 10586.679.

The Config Mgr Client version (recently uninstalled/reinstalled) 5.00.8412.1007


In the deployment status, after running a "run summarization" ... this client shows as "compliant".


Essentially, when trying to force the 1607 feature update to this laptop....The server side SCCM Console is reporting that the client is already compliant for the deployment.



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Figured it out, for anyone who cares.


I decided to use the Windows 10 1607 DVD I had burned a while back to just manually get it updated for now. When I got to the wizard, hit next to go to the first step....it complained about the product key being invalid.


Turns out, someone put or had Win 10 "Pro" installed. We only use enterprise products, and I've only configured SCCM for the Enterprise feature updates. This explains why the Feature update came back as "compliant". I think maybe a status of "not needed" would be better than compliant in this section, but it is ... what it is.

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