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OSD not joining domain

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Hello Gents,


I’ve just inherited an SCCM project as part of a new job and am having trouble with an OSD not joining the domain. SCCM environment is CB1606, TS is to deploy Windows 10


The TS runs through without any errors but after a restart the PC hasn’t joined the domain. I can log on to the device and I am able to join a domain manually


During the deployment I checked the NIC was getting an IP so the driver seems to be ok.


The SMSTS.LOG appears to indicate the ‘domain join’ task has indeed completed.


Many of the other posts I saw mentioned looking at the C:\Windows\debug\NETSETUP.LOG but that file doesn’t exist which I find strange.


I have attached an SMSTS file from a recent deployment in case you want to view the contents. There are some error messages at the start of the file which I am currently investigating but they don’t seem to relate to the Domain Join issue.


I’ve also attached a screen shot of the current TS steps in case that helps.


As mentioned above I have just taken on this role so there could be issues with the TS so I am happy to change things as needed


Any ideas or comments will be greatly received.


Thanks in advance,






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After some additional research this could be a false/positive.


The device I am deploying to is a Lenovo X1 Yoga which uses an Ethernet Dongle for connectivity. I have seen a few postings from people stating that they have had various issues when using a dongle


I will post any findings that I come across.

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