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No PXE Advertisement Shown After Upgrade to Server 2012

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We are running CB 1606.  We upgraded our test environment over 1 month ago to Server 2012 R2.  I upgraded our CAS server to Server 2012 R2 last week and just finished upgrading 2 of our 3 Primary Site Servers.  I tested imaging last week at a site and it is fine.

Imaging at the 2 sites I upgraded today is good except for a strange issue.  I'm using VMWare clients and PXE booting.  When I right-click in the console to clear the PXE advertisement, I get the message stating that there is no advertisement or it was cleared already (it wasn't).  The client is recorded in the logs and the imaging process goes along fine.

Has anyone seen anything like this?  The PXE advertisement is not retained on the SCCM Machine object so that ABORTPXE will not display?


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I discovered the resolution to this issue after consulting with MS on a related issue.  After upgrading 3 primary site servers to Server 2012 R2, client registration was failing.  I found the the inbox share lost requisite permissions on one site server.  Once I found that out and reapplied the permissions, the client communications resumed in one site.

In another site that was having client registration issues, I discovered that the distribution points (site systems too) were removed from the local admin group on 2 out of 3 of my primary site servers.  I discovered this after viewing the mpfdm.log on the distribution points (which are also management points).  The errors stated that the source inbox could not be contacted and thus outbox monitoring was skipped.  After adding the site systems back to the local admin groups on the 2 site servers, client registration resumed. 

Adding the site systems back to the local admin groups of the primary site servers also re-established the presence of the pxe advertisement on the sccm machine objects.


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