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My environment consist of a Primary Site, two secondary and 20 DP's to manage remote locations. We currently build machines at each location using PXE and boot media. We are using MDT Integration with CB 1610. The automation for location and builds is configured using a customsettings.ini which works with no issues. My question is the following.

been that we are using the customsettings.ini, what is the best approach to configured State Migration Point to upload user data to the local DP. I have one or two configured and also have the Online USMT step enabled in the Task Sequence, yet it never uploads the user data to the local DP but instead it captures in local disk.  I'm looking for the best way to be able to start data migration for user to the local DP. Should I be setting the State Migration Point on the customsettings.ini for each location, I already have a section to determine location base on Gateway. 


Any suggestion will be much appreciated.


thanks in advanced. 

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