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'Stuck' OSD task sequence

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Hi all - Hoping for some advice and assistance -


Recently, I have had a number of computers that fail to run any task sequence sent to them. As far as SCCM seems to be concerned, they are still in the middle of the OSD task sequence and just sits there, never updating its records. You can restart the client, reinstall the client, remove all reference to any other sequences on the target machine, but SCCM sits there and insists the PC/Laptop is still in the initial OSD sequence. The point at which they claim to be stuck is different from machine to machine, and there's no indication in the logs that I can find to suggest where to begin my investigation into what has happened.

Has anyone seen anything similar before! Help!

For ref - We are in the middle of a migration to SCCM CB, but the boundries of the new setup do not overlap with the boundary where we're seeing this issue. If I move the afflicted machines within the new server's area of influence, everything works correctly. I know that the easiest solution would be 'Get it all over to the new!' but where I work, they force the most drawn out migrations... just in case there's a possible issue...

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