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Hello All


Hoping someone can advise on this issue.

Deployments are pushed out to a collection of about 900 workstations each month, only half of the workstations get compliant.

 I have a few hundred machines that have many updates going back a long time (12 months or more) , that have the status in software center of 'Past Due -Will be installed' 

It's an inherited system. I have noticed that and for example

Deployment start time for the collection in question is Friday 21:00 and the deadline is Saturday 21:30, so 24 hours.

The maintenance windows for this collection is  2:00am - 5:00am every Wednesday


Actually since i posted the original post today I have some more info on this

On the deployment deadline behavior option of 'When the installation deadline is reached, allow the following activities to be performed outside of the maintenance window:

Software updates installation Un-ticked

System restart (if necessary)  Un-ticked

Software re-evaluation behavior upon restart is also un-ticked


My questions are

Is the fact only half of the machines install the update due to the the above?

Is there a query I can run to find out how many of the workstation have the 'Past Due -Will be installed'  status message?

Can I force all of those machines with that have that status to install all the updates or do I need to log onto every machine and do it manually?




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