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Task sequence loses DNS Servers, unattend.xml changes DNS server search order

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I'm having an issue where my Windows 10 task sequence loses it's DNS servers right after the "Setup Windows and Configuration manager" Step reboot.

Steps taken so far:

- Downloaded all network drivers for this pc model and added them to Driver package and boot image.

- Ran "ipconfig /all" and it returned good IP and correct DNS servers during winpe pxe boot

- After " Setup Windows and Configuration manager" step reboot I ran "ipconfig /all" again and the dns server IPs have been changed to older (decommissioned) DNS IPs. Can no longer ping MP FQDN. (I can manually change the DNS IPs back to correct IP via CMD prompt and TS continues successfully so not a drivers issue.)

- Looked at logs and I see this entry:

DNS server search order: 172.x.x.x,172.x.x.x	I HAVE REPLACED THE IPS ADDRESSES WITH Xs OSDNetSettings	8/3/2017 9:48:18 AM	1288 (0x0508)


The important part being: "DNS server search order:" is getting set to some old IPs. I don't set an unattend.xml in my task sequence, where is it getting this file and these IPs from? How do I change this?

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Actually it looks as though this is running at the "Apply Network Settings" step. It's just the reboot that causes the DNS IPs to be applied. I have the apply network settings step set to "Obtain DNS Servers automatically"


Also DHCP scope options for this vlan are set to "006 DNS Servers: <my dns servers listed here>" 

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