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  1. Actually it looks as though this is running at the "Apply Network Settings" step. It's just the reboot that causes the DNS IPs to be applied. I have the apply network settings step set to "Obtain DNS Servers automatically" Also DHCP scope options for this vlan are set to "006 DNS Servers: <my dns servers listed here>"
  2. I'm having an issue where my Windows 10 task sequence loses it's DNS servers right after the "Setup Windows and Configuration manager" Step reboot. Steps taken so far: - Downloaded all network drivers for this pc model and added them to Driver package and boot image. - Ran "ipconfig /all" and it returned good IP and correct DNS servers during winpe pxe boot - After " Setup Windows and Configuration manager" step reboot I ran "ipconfig /all" again and the dns server IPs have been changed to older (decommissioned) DNS IPs. Can no longer ping MP FQDN. (I can manually change th
  3. I checked the current log at: C:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles\W3SVC1 I am seeing this error: BITS_POST /CCM_Incoming/{1E349D6B-8ECC-43DB-82DA-AA9E06739111} (bits_error:{921E659E-A44F-4F87-BA44-52AFE0C10CEA},404,0x80070003) 80 - Microsoft+BITS/7.7 - 404 0 0 1472 0 I will check Bits uploads setting on my default site in IIS and report back unless there is something else I also need to check?
  4. Have run through some Hardware Inventory flow guides and the issues seems to stop at dataldr.log: "Waiting for a MIF"
  5. Good morning, I have tried installing the client through the client push method and by running the setup file locally on the PC, but my clients never return a hardware or software scan. They return Heartbeat DDR and policy request dates, but even when manually prompting them to do hardware/software scans from the client it does not work. I am running SCCM 2012 Eval version. When I run Hardware inventory from the client this is the output from InventoryAgent.log: There are many errors, but I am not sure where to start or what they mean... --- Inventory: *********************** Start
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