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Jay Bala

New to SCCM, Questions with Windows updates SUP

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I'm new to SCCM 2012. Previous person managing was let go.

I'm learning everything as I go along. Mainly worked off a fresh SCCM install setup inside my virtual environment. So production environment already in place is little different.

I have to deploy monthly updates to both win7 and win8.1 machine at work place. 

In terms of searching for updates to deploy to machines on the monthly basis.

What is the best practice. Previous person had set the search criteria, Product Windows 8.1 and Bulletin ID -MS   Expired No and Superseded No

He never had the criteria set for Available update less than 1 month. Just curious I should do that for monthly updates 

Second question. Following screenshot below shows the Windows Updates packages created before my time. It also has the expired icon on the package. Does that mean when you set a dead line. After the dead line has past and it force install the update. The actually SCCM package expired as well. did not see the expire sccm package option when ran through the deployment wizard.

Reason I ask this question. We use MDT to image all our system. Base image have all windows update until Jan 2017. Yes I know I can create windows update task sequence and have a package full of update. This will take long time to deploy one machine. I always thought once a new machine comes online and connected to SCCM. it will get the updates that its missing from Jan2017.  BUt that does not seem to the case here based on screenshot below.


Please let me know if you can clarify anything that will help me going forward. I could not find any guide/best practice for SCCM 2012 R2

much appreciated.



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