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Trying to install the remote console on a few computers of users that have rights for Remote desktop and operating system deployment. When ever I go and try to open the console on that user's computer it gets the message about not being able to connect to sccm server. I have no problem launching the console on my machine. Any Ideas why this is happening.

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Here is what is in the log. Looks like I need to get an upgraded version of the console.

Error Code:
\r\nSystem.Management.ManagementException\r\nGeneric failure \r\n   at System.Management.ManagementException.ThrowWithExtendedInfo(ManagementStatus errorCode)
   at System.Management.ManagementObject.InvokeMethod(String methodName, ManagementBaseObject inParameters, InvokeMethodOptions options)
   at Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.ManagementProvider.WqlQueryEngine.WqlConnectionManager.ExecuteMethod(String methodClass, String methodName, Dictionary`2 methodParameters, Boolean traceParameters)\r\nManagementException details:
instance of __ExtendedStatus
    Description = "Please upgrade your Admin Console to newer version";
    Operation = "ExecMethod";
    ParameterInfo = "SMS_Identification";
    ProviderName = "WinMgmt";
    StatusCode = 2147749889;

Where do I find that?


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