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I am trying to install a windows theme for all users. I created an MSI that puts the .jpg and .theme files in the respective folder. This installs during the OSD Task Sequence from SCCM. The problem is, it does not activate the theme when a user logs in. I edited the GPO "Load a specific Theme" to this install location and theme. I know the GPO only works when a new user logs in. I have tested this many times with my Engineering team and it still will not activate the theme until "manually" selected.

I have tried the "RunOnce" registry key. This only brings up the theme window when a new user logs in.

Any other suggestions?

The goal is to have a specific theme for all users.

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Take your theme file and rename to oem.theme

Simply place in the following directory:


Now login with a user that has not logged in before...  BAAM!  

This is how Dell & HP set their OEM themes on new pc's.

You can even use Notepad if you want too edit the .theme file, to change wallpaper or whatever...

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