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So, I had a working SCCM server for about 3 years and somehow managed to completely break it within the past month. I'm working on fixing the errors I'm finding in logs bit by bit. 

As of right now,  in my SiteComp.log I'm getting a few curious errors. From what I've gathered, the Sitecomp.log has information pertaining to the SMS_Notification_Manager, SMS_WSUS_Control_Manager, SMS_WSUS_Sync_Manager and SMS_Site_Component_Manager all of which are in critical state on my server. I've tried doing a clean reset of the site, reinstall of SMS and the MP.

In the sitecomp.log I'm receiving the following:

Failed to make a network connection to \\SMS SITE SERVER\ADMIN$ (0x35).	SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER	10/11/2017 10:50:13 AM	5912 (0x1718)
      ERROR: failed to access server "SMS SITE SERVER", probably because the machine is down, the network is down, or the Site System Installation Account is misconfigured.  CSiteSystemInstallationAccount::Connect() returned 0x80070035: The operation completed successfully.	SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER	10/11/2017 10:50:13 AM	5912 (0x1718)

From what I've looked into, the "SMS SITE SERVER" usually enumerates the actually Site code.. Mine is listed as above, so I'm kind of assuming that it may be misconfigured somewhere? Any input on where to start here?


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