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Herwin D

powershell script

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Hello Community,

I´m learning my way within DPM 2016 UR2, and now I need help getting the following done.
For management I need to deliver daily a script which gives me the latest recovery point of all DPM servers (this is done,  a couple of nice csv´s which I can sent)
Now I need to get the latest recoverypoint on disk and on tape. This is what I can´t get. I can get on screen all recoverypoints on disk and tape (disk and media) I use the following line:

"get-dpmprotectiongroup |get-dpmdatasource | get-recoverypoint |Select Name , Backuptime , Location | Sort Backup time "  This will give on screen, the name of the protected server, date and disk/media. But (always there is a but) I would love to get my hands on a script which does the following:

give me the latest recovery point on disk and on tape from all objects within a protection group, the output must contain, name of the object (vmname or server name) latest recovery point ,date of the recovery point  on disk and on tape, protection group name.

So if there is a PowerShell hero out there (with DPM PowerShell knowledge) which can help me with this, then I´m very great full.


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