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Where Device is NOT a member of AD Group..


Hi All, 

I am trying to build a catch-all collection where any new server that someone might forget to add to an AD patching group shows up in. We currently have collections built to look for specific AD security groups that patch servers on specific days. However i am trying to find a way to build a collection that looks for any servers NOT in one of these groups. 


ADGroup: 'Server Updates 2nd Tuesday', 'Server Updates 2nd Wednesday', etc.


I built a collection that somewhat performs this by using 'System Resource.System Group Name is NULL'. However this will only show devices that are not in ANY group and not just the groups i specify. If i use 'SystemGroupName not like "Server Updates%"' it does not quite work correctly. Using the list view only shows the AD groups that currently have members in them. Therefore the results are skewed and do not show devices that are not a member of ANY of the groups.\


Does anyone have a quick way to find devices that are NOT a member of specific groups?

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I just tried this and it seems to work OK, but if anyone has a better idea please let me know:


Create collection based on operating system -like "%Windows Server%"

Exclude Collections: Server Updates 2nd Tuesday, Server Updates 2nd Wednesday, etc.

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