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Create a Share on the local PC Scripted as a user

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Firstly, thank you all for the info I have found on this site in the past, it's been invaluable.  This time I can't find what I need and my searches yield all the wrong answers, this could be because I just can't find the term for my search.  I know how to create a share, my issue is the way I need to do it.  I'll do my best to explain the scenario.

Our users occasionally work remotely on sites where there is no option for connectivity to the Network.  They have a need (via a piece of ancient software) to connect to a share on a laptop (could be one of 100+ laptops, just depends who they are working with at the time). 

Historically, the Master laptop runs a script that sets the local IP address and then shares a folder, the first client runs one that sets their IP static and maps a drive to the share on the master, they then "collaborate" on the work.  Up to 10 people could be involved.  

I have packaged the software installation (using EMCO) and that works but I can't seem to share folders as part of the package creation - I'm waiting for their support to confirm the feasibility of this.  

The users are added to the local Network Configuration Operators group so by adding the UAC elevation to the batch file that sets the IP addresses they change with user credentials.  If I create the share manually, everything works.  

Using Net Share (even with elevated rights) fails as the user logged on obviously doesn't have rights to manage/create shares.  The software vendor suggests "just give everyone Admin rights".  Not going to happen,  we need Cyber Essentials accreditation, there is customer data and as always THEY'RE NOT GETTING ADMIN RIGHTS!

The key points really are:

  • Share needs to be able to be created as part of the automated install (deployed via SCCM).
  • Authentication is not necessarily possible.
  • Needs to be done by command-line, vbs etc for ease of use.  


I really hope I've been able to explain that well enough.  Most web searches result in "right-click, run as..."  

Could I create an SCCM package to do this as a dependency on the installation?  

Any advice would be most gratefully received.


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I've sorted this out myself, just created a batch file to my that shares the folder to run as a post-installation task when the MSI installs the software.  Simplest answer is usually the best eh?



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