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Migrate Outlook 2010 settings to Outlook 2016/365?

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I've got an install of Office 365 set up in SCCM that will uninstall Office 2010 and then install Office 365 (local copies of Outlook/Excel/Word etc.. 2016)

Maybe my google skills are weak, but I'm trying to figure out how to migrate local settings in Outlook.  The main thing is people who have a local .pst archive configured.  In theory they're not supposed to be doing that, but I'm still not allowed to break it.  Is there a way to export account settings from Outlook 2010, including the location of the .pst archive, then import that in to Outlook 2016?  Preferably something I can automate as part of the uninistall/reinstall I push from SCCM.

I've found pages that talk about moving account settings from one install of the same version to another install of the same version on a new machine by exporting and importing the appropriate registry keys, but that doesn't seem to be very helpful here.

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