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Application waiting during OSD | Failed Error 0x87d00213

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I have an issue to install an application during OSD task sequences, no problem when i deploy this app.

++++++ Failed to enforce app. Error 0x87d00213. ++++++    AppEnforce    28/02/2018 19:09:59    5440 (0x1540)

In program app, "Allow this application to be installed...." is checked.

To illustrate this, here the AppEnforce log after OSD, I deployed right after the application, here the result :


For information, this app have dependencies : Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 and Microsoft Office 2010 Primary Interop Assemblies.

These prerequisites was installed with no problem.

I don't realy undestand, someone already had the same problem ?



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Topic close.

The problem was from a hidden prerequisite, i added it on application package, that solved the issue.


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