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Windows 8.1 update problem after 31-12-2017

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We have a strange problem at the moment.

It's a SCCM 2012 R2 Sp1 environment and on this environment we host our Windows 8.1 clients. Last week I discovered that several clients which are fresh installed by SCCM doesn't get any Windows 8.1 updates anymore after 31-12-2017.

Microsoft Office 2013 is no problem, The client is receiving updates until April 2018.

A clients which is installed a long time ago (I think here is also 31-12-2017 the date) has no problem and receives the Windows 8.1 updates until April 2018.

I don't see any errors is the SCCM loggings like updatesstore.log, updateshandler.log and updatesdeployment log.

When I look in the reports and take for example update Win 8.1 kb4088879 x64 it is not required for all the new installed clients.

When I download the patch from internet I can install it without any problem.

Another strange thing is that when I go to the client and check online for updates I only see update till 31-12-2017.


I also checked the KMS server and I don't see any problems when the client is registered at the KMS server.


So any help would be appreciated.


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Someone on another forum gave me the solution:


do you use AV? because it sure sounds like your AV hasn't updated the registry


that's the latest CU, but it's been that way since Jan (Meltdown / Spectre vulnerabilities)


I added the regkey on the problem clients and after a reboot I got the updates of January, February and March.

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