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BgbAgent - BGB client agent is disabled

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I am working with a new SCCM deployment; that is running SCCM 1802. I have deployed the SCCM Agent (via GPO) to the following two machines and have the following status:


When browsing with the Resource Explorer; all items are not populated. 


Browsing the CcmNotificationAgent.log on the client machine; I see the following: 


I've re-installed the client on HWL-D1 and have the same status on both machines. 


Some more things that I have noticed as a part of these deployments that might be of interest: 






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So I have done a little more digging and a little more testing; and haven't resolved the issues above. 

The two clients mentioned; SCCM-HWL-D1 and SCCM-HWL-L1 are connected to / managed by a Secondary Site, the first in the SCCM deployment. 

I have a third machine, SCCM-HWL-L2 that I connected to the Primary Site that is the parent of the Secondary Site, and I have no issues with that client - and it is currently using the Secondary Site as its' management point. I can remotely connect to the machine for remote assistance / RDP; but Resource and Hardware Inventory still hasn't refreshed with data yet.

Wondering if it is something in the configuration maybe..? 

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Hi try this - 

under Administration > site Configuration > Sites > Site Properties > Ports
untick CLient Notification tcp - port 10123,

click apply,

leave it unticked for at least 20 minutes,

retick it click apply,


the clients should then start working properly once they wake up to the fact that there is a change.
Bgb client agent is starting... BgbAgent 23/04/2021 12:00:59 PM 18244 (0x4744)
Bgb client agent is disabled BgbAgent 23/04/2021 12:00:59 PM 18244 (0x4744)
TCP Listener is disabled. BgbAgent 23/04/2021 12:00:59 PM 18244 (0x4744)
BgbController main thread is started with settings: {bgb enable = 0}, {tcp enabled = 0}, {tcp port = 0} and {http enabled = 0}. BgbAgent 23/04/2021 12:00:59 PM 18244 (0x4744)
Wait 3600 seconds for event notification. BgbAgent 23/04/2021 12:00:59 PM 19004 (0x4A3C)
Settings update: {bgb enable = 1}, {tcp enabled = 1}, {tcp port = 10123} and {http enabled = 1}. BgbAgent 23/04/2021 12:36:20 PM 1000 (0x03E8)



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Late to the party but hopefully this will help.

Same situation for me. I tried everything including disabling the firewall. Then I realized....the machine is not "approved". Once I approved it, everything turned on and started working as normal.


  1. Go to Devices,

  2. search for your device,

  3. right-click,

  4. Approve,

  5. wait and see, or initiate the Machine Policy Eval/Hardware Eval cycles.

This happens because the site setting for Client Approval is either set to Automatically approve computers in trusted domains or Manually approve each computer.

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