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bart dm

ConfigMgr Endpoint Protection Point status red > trying to install scep on server

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dear all, 

we wanted to test scep instead of mcafee on our clients. Everything looks good but in sc configuration manager the system status of the endpoint protection role status button is critical red. 

When we look into the log files it states 


Key "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Antimalware" not found, trying key "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Defender"  $$<SMS_ENDPOINT_PROTECTION_CONTROL_MANAGER><06-28-2018 08:05:34.550-120><thread=11964 (0x2EBC)>
RegOpenKeyEx failed with 0X80070002  $$<SMS_ENDPOINT_PROTECTION_CONTROL_MANAGER><06-28-2018 08:05:34.550-120><thread=11964 (0x2EBC)>
GetAMInstallLocation failed with 0X80070002  $$<SMS_ENDPOINT_PROTECTION_CONTROL_MANAGER><06-28-2018 08:05:34.550-120><thread=11964 (0x2EBC)>
Failed to load common client library (0x80070002)  $$<SMS_ENDPOINT_PROTECTION_CONTROL_MANAGER><06-28-2018 08:05:34.550-120><thread=11964 (0x2EBC)>
Failed to initialize AMMetadataUpdater (0x80070002)  $$<SMS_ENDPOINT_PROTECTION_CONTROL_MANAGER><06-28-2018 08:05:34.550-120><thread=11964 (0x2EBC)>
Checking threat definitions in 900 seconds...  $$<SMS_ENDPOINT_PROTECTION_CONTROL_MANAGER><06-28-2018 08:05:34.597-120><thread=11964 (0x2EBC)>


i think the system wants to install scep on the server also. The problem is that the sccm servers are managed by another team and they insist on keeping mcafee on the server.


Is there any option to bypass this install so the status of the endpoint protection point in site status becomes green without having to install scep on the server


thank you all

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