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  1. dear all we are staging with windows version 1809 On the win pe part we've integraded the displaylink lan drivers and we recieve an ip problem is after the winpe part, the usb adapter is losing connection and doesnt reinitialise We've integraded the dell proposition to do a usb port reset using devcon, but this doesnt work if somebody has the same problem? portable is a dell latitude 5300 2-in-1 and universal docking is a kensington sd3500v (with displaylink drivers) thank you all Bart
  2. I have a question... we use sccm 1806 and in our external buildings we have for each building a w7 dp Is it possible to enable branchcache on these dp's? thank you
  3. dear all, we wanted to test scep instead of mcafee on our clients. Everything looks good but in sc configuration manager the system status of the endpoint protection role status button is critical red. When we look into the log files it states ______________________________________________ Key "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Antimalware" not found, trying key "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Defender" $$<SMS_ENDPOINT_PROTECTION_CONTROL_MANAGER><06-28-2018 08:05:34.550-120><thread=11964 (0x2EBC)> RegOpenKeyEx failed with 0X80070002 $$<SMS_ENDPOINT_PROTECTION_CONTROL_MANAGER><06-28-2018 08:05:34.550-120><thread=11964 (0x2EBC)> GetAMInstallLocation failed with 0X80070002 $$<SMS_ENDPOINT_PROTECTION_CONTROL_MANAGER><06-28-2018 08:05:34.550-120><thread=11964 (0x2EBC)> Failed to load common client library (0x80070002) $$<SMS_ENDPOINT_PROTECTION_CONTROL_MANAGER><06-28-2018 08:05:34.550-120><thread=11964 (0x2EBC)> Failed to initialize AMMetadataUpdater (0x80070002) $$<SMS_ENDPOINT_PROTECTION_CONTROL_MANAGER><06-28-2018 08:05:34.550-120><thread=11964 (0x2EBC)> Checking threat definitions in 900 seconds... $$<SMS_ENDPOINT_PROTECTION_CONTROL_MANAGER><06-28-2018 08:05:34.597-120><thread=11964 (0x2EBC)> ____________________________________________ i think the system wants to install scep on the server also. The problem is that the sccm servers are managed by another team and they insist on keeping mcafee on the server. Is there any option to bypass this install so the status of the endpoint protection point in site status becomes green without having to install scep on the server thank you all
  4. dear all, we have a problem with our current brach updates for o365 click to run client sccm version 1607 and we have installed our off365 client with version prior to the 2017 september version. (before they change the update channel names) it shows version 1705 build 8201.2193 deferred channel (first screenshot > in French) We used the following xml to install it _______________________________ <Configuration> <Add OfficeClientEdition="32" Channel="Broad" OfficeMgmtCOM="TRUE"> <Product ID="O365ProPlusRetail"> <Language ID="en-us" /> <Language ID="nl-nl" /> <Language ID="fr-fr" /> <Language ID="de-de" /> </Product> </Add> <Updates Channel="Broad" Enabled="TRUE" /> <Display Level="None" AcceptEULA="TRUE" /> <Logging Level="Standard" Path="C:\TMPINST\STAGING\o365.txt" /> </Configuration> ______________________________ problem is that none of our updates are applying. They come in the software download center but they are continuously failing. I think we will first have to change the update channel from "deferred" to the new named "semi annual" I found some topics on the net but none of them seem to work. Thank you all
  5. dear all, I have a problem with adding a client during osd to a device collection. After install of the os en sccm client we want to add it automatically to a device collection where windows updates are linked to. I ve found a script on the web which we adapted to our needs _____________________________________ $computer = hostname $remotesession = New-PSSession -ComputerName YourSiteServer -ConfigurationName Microsoft.PowerShell32 Invoke-Command -Session $remotesession -ScriptBlock { param($computer) Import-module 'D:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\bin\ConfigurationManager.psd1' Set-Location YourSiteCode: Add-CMDeviceCollectionDirectMembershipRule -CollectionName "YourCollectionName" -ResourceID (Get-CMDevice -Name $computer).ResourceID } -Args $computer Remove-PSSession $remotesession __________________________________ powershell remote connection is enabled on our sccm server, but the execution is blocked by our server. I think we have to set the executionpolicy on our server but which one and which value do we have to set? thank you al
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