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Remove "Other user" from Windows 10

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We have an issue where some of our users are accidentally reloading windows without realizing it. Yeah, if they would read the words on the screen they would realize, but lets be real, our users don't do that.  Here is the scenario.  We are using Imprivata for SSO and strong auth in our healthcare facility.  At the Imiprivata login box, the user is able to press "Esc" and bypass the Imprivata login box.  When doing that, they are then able to click on "Other user" in the lower left hand corner of Win 10.  If they select Other user, they are prompted with the attached image which will literally wipe their computer if they have admin privs.  Some users do for specific reasons, most do not.  We have had a few cases of this already.  Is there a way to remove this option or get rid of the "Other user" sign in option?

Untitled picture.png

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This has to do with Windows 10 and Imprivata.  

1.) Run Regedit on the Windows 10 Endpoint. 

2.) Navigate to [HKLM]\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\Credential Providers 

3.) Rename “Wrapper for Automatic Redeployment Credential Provider” with the following GUID 

{11660363-49E2-4F87-AB2E-FD210019AE88} by adding an "_" at the front so the string should look like this:



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