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Installing application task sequence in OSD

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Hellow All!

I need deploy OS and install Applications in task sequence (like insert USB-flash, push the button and system make all itself).

I make task sequence (sc-1-), and add in to task sequence with application installation (sc1).

When i test application TS on domain pc, it's work's. Application installed.

When i boot from flash, deploying started, but when deploymet come to restart stage, there are error.

OS is x64. SMTS.log lies in c:\_SMSTaskSequence\logs and has a futere date (for Example: deploying was 31.07.18 in 16:50, log have date 01.08.18 3:17).









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What does your environment look like?  Do you have Management points that are a different timezone and those management points are alphabetically higher?     We have the same issue as we have MP in Australia, and in the US. 

Management Point AUstraliaCM comes before UScm.  

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Crash, no. Timezone is the same. We have one sire and two servers. 1 have all roles, 2 - Distribution point, Mangement Point, Component server, site system.

Date is actual ib PC's BIOS.

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