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GPO not removing printers as expected.

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Steps and the Problem Requiring a Solution:

GPO configuration is listed below:

Printers on a given floor have been successfully delivered to users' desktops on their respective floors, initially based on IP range in Item-Level targeting. However, all floor printers are not needed by all users on the given floor.

I want users to only see the printers on their floor that are designated for their specific departments. (ie: LEGAL and ACCTG. departments are on the same floor. Only LEGAL staff should see LEGAL printers and ACCTG. staff should only see ACCTG. printers). I DO NOT want to make LOTS of floor-specific GPO's. Simply one per floor using Item-Level targeting to control delivery.

I refine that item level targeting by adding a department's USERS OU for the respective printers.  When I do this, the printer shows up or stays on the properly targeted computers. 

Here is the problem: I want to REMOVE the LEGAL printers from the desktops of the ACCTG. staff and vice versa.

1st round of GPO settings for initial printer delivery:

Environment and Settings:

   GPO delivering a user-configuration printer


   Action - Update


   Item-level targeting

      IP address range for floor.

2nd Round of GPO Settings to isolate printers by departments:

Environment and Settings:

   SAME GPO delivering a user-configuration printer


   Action - Update (forced by "common" option)


   (Selected)   Remove this item when it is no longer applied

   Item-level targeting

      IP address range for floor AND Users OU for the department receiving the printer.



Testing Results:

  After running a GPUPDATE /FORCE with 1st group of settings, the printers deliver as expected and they do not show up on computers where they are not needed.  However, when I run the GPUPDATE /FORCE AFTER changing to the 2nd group of settings and allow setting to replicate, the unwanted printers ARE NOT removed from the users' desktop to whom they don't apply.

I need to be able to clean up those printers but am not sure how to do it beyond what I have tried.

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