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Apply Operating System 80070002

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I just created a Windows 10 1803 WIM and imported into SCCM. I copied task sequencer from 1709 and changed OS-image.
When running task "Apply Operating System" I got error 0x80070002...

The user tries to release a source directory C:\_SMSTaskSequence\Packages\PS100091 that is either already released or we have not connected to it.
InstallImage( g_InstallPackageID, g_ImageIndex, targetVolume, ImageType_OS, g_ConfigPackageID, g_ConfigFileName, bOEMMedia, g_RunFromNet ),
HRESULT=80070002 (applyos.cpp,509)

Http result: 404
SendResourceRequest() failed. 80190194
Download() failed. 80790794.
Installation of image 1 package PS100091 failed to complete..
The system cannot find the file specified. (Error: 80070002; Source: Windows)

The WIM workes on the other server so the WIM itself seems OK.
I have checked network access account, boundaries, the wim is deployed to my DP, remove wim from DP and distribute again
Checked "Data Access - Copy the content in this package to a package share on DP"... 
DP -> HTTP -> Allow clients to connect anonymusly

When I try running the old 1709-wim it works.


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Seems like theres some problems with IIS. 

When browse http://[SERVER]/SMS_DP_SMSPKG$/PS100091 i Got 404 - File or directory not found...

When browse http://[SERVER]/SMS_DP_SMSPKG$/PS100089 (witch works and deploys) i can se the files...

Seems like everything new distributed to DP gives 404..
Permissions is all ok on folders and in IIS

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So in Operating System Images you should see PS100091 as the image ID for your 1803 WIM.

Click on content status then view status to see if there are any errors there. Guessing IIS is ok just giving an error as the content's not there.

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