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Confused about what I need to setup SSO?

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Firstly, just wanted to say I am really enjoying reading through this community and it's a gold mine of information! I have been tasked with setting up SSO within my organization. So far I have managed to deploy AD, DNS and setup LDAP and have successfully connected LDAP for an on-prem Jenkins server, however I have not yet looked into LDAPs. My next main priority is to get setup with SSO so users can use their local login information on SaaS apps such as SalesForce.com. My problem currently is I am not sure what services I need to setup and how to set them up so I can achieve SSO for all our users?


I am under the impression I need to setup an ADFS server to achieve SSO, but surely there has to be more to it than just setting up this server role? I would appreciate any advice or links to some good guides / resources on how to setup SSO and test the results internally. 

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