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Report to show all computers with software installed by vendor

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There are many reports on software, but what I have not found is a report or method to gather a list of all computers, with a piece of vendor software, regardless of software version.  For example, under asset intelligence, I can see I have multiple versions of "Nitro" (see image). 

What I would like to have is a list that has all the "software count" expanded to show the computer objects they are installed on.  I can run other reports and do this per line and can compile the reports into a master.  That is time consuming.  Does anyone know if there is something oob or a custom report script where I can create this?

SCCM build: 1806



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Just to understand the ask, you want the results to look something like this?  or like what?

ComputerName  Publisher ProductName Version

BobsComputer   Nitro   Nitro Pro 12.8

MarysComputer Nitro Nitro Reader 5  5.5


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Yes.  List all the versions of said software (such as the Publisher 'Nitro') and the associated computers with version(s).  I hope I'm not missing something that is right in front of my eyes ;)

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