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Powershell - How to create multiple Deployment Types


Is there a way to create multiple Deployment Types under one application. I am using Add-CMScriptDeploymentType and get an error on the second one.

Add-CMScriptDeploymentType : ConfigMgr Error Object:
instance of SMS_ExtendedStatus
        Description = "The digest is not valid";
        ErrorCode = 1078462235;
        File = "..\\sspconfigurationitem.cpp";
        Line = 1980;
        Operation = "PutInstance";
        ParameterInfo = "";
        ProviderName = "ExtnProv";
        SQLMessage = "[42000][3998][Microsoft]

[SQL Server]Uncommittable transaction is
detected at the end of the batch. The transaction is rolled back.";
        SQLSeverity = 16;
        SQLStatus = 3998;
        StatusCode = 2147749889;
At C:\Install\CreateTKA.ps1:252 char:11
+           Add-CMScriptDeploymentType -ApplicationName $ApplicationNam ...
+           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (Microsoft.Confi...mentTypeCommand:AddScriptDeploymentTypeCommand) [Add-CM
   ScriptDeploymentType], WqlQueryException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : UnhandledException,Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.Cmdlets.AppMan.Commands.AddScriptDe

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I executed the script without having deleted the previous test and it did create the 2nd Deployment Type. I noticed that the Detection Clause param in the cmdlet is the one that causes the error however. Is there a way of detecting when the app object has been created, since the sleep for 15 sec command did not help

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Had this exact error as well. Each deployment type was using a registry and a directory detection clause. I was reusing the same directory detection clause object and creating new registry clauses for each. Reusing the directory clause object was causing the issue. As soon as i removed\created a second directory clause object it worked perfectly.  

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