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SCCM clients on DMZ pointing to wrong sup server

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I have two SCCM servers, one in the main network called : SCCM-MAIN and the other is in the DMZ network called : SCCM-DMZ.

SCCM has 3 boundary groups, 1. Default-Site-Boundary-Group  2. MAIN-Environment 3. DMZ-Environment.

I see that all the servers in the DMZ environment connect to the MP of SCCM-DMZ and I also see in the console that they are all connected through the DMZ-Environment boundary group.

The problem is that all the servers in the DMZ environment are trying to connect to the SUP of the server on the main network and not to the SCCM server in the DMZ.

This is how it looks in WUAHandler:

OnSearchComplete - Failed to end search job. Error = 0x8024401c.
Scan failed with error = 0x8024401c.
Its a WSUS Update Source type ({A4BF5916-DF74-44C1-BF58-68AE14A43278}), adding it.
This machine is not a workstation, returning false for MDMIsExternallyManaged.
Not a workstation, this device is SCCM managed.
SourceManager::GetIsWUfBEnabled - There is no Windows Update for Business settings assignment. Windows Update for Business is not enabled through ConfigMgr
Existing WUA Managed server was already set (https://SCCM-MAIN.DOMAIN:8531), skipping Group Policy registration.
Added Update Source ({A4BF5916-DF74-44C1-BF58-68AE14A43278}) of content type:2
Scan results will include superseded updates only when they are superseded by service packs and definition updates.
Search Criteria is (DeploymentAction=* AND Type='Software') OR (DeploymentAction=* AND Type='Driver')
Async searching of updates using WUAgent started.
Async searching completed.


Appreciate your help.

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