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Unsupported Hardware Error\Warning

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Hello All,

I am working on a TaskSequence for a client where client wats to add a step in task sequence to show a warning for an unsupported hardware.

I have added a query to eg:- Select * FROM Win32_ComputerSystem WHERE Model Like"%Latitude 7070%" if true then execute TS.

I am not sure how to add the Error\Warning, I need it to look like the screenshot below and then it should end the TS.


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$model=(Get-WmiObject Win32_ComputerSystem | Where-Object {$_.Model -like  "*Latitude 7070*"}).model
if($model -match 'Latitude 7070'){}else{
$TSEnv = New-Object -COMObject Microsoft.SMS.TSEnvironment
$TSProgressUI = new-object -comobject Microsoft.SMS.TSProgressUI
$a = new-object -comobject wscript.shell 
$intAnswer = $a.popup("The current computer hardware does not match ",0,'computer',16#first number is timeout, second is display.   
Add a running script step in the task sequence, use this command to pop up a gui notification message


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