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  1. 在wsus和SCCM 看到的软件补丁不一致 该如何解决,有的补丁没有过期或者被取代, 在SCCM看不到而在WSUS里面能看到,也就是说没有同步到SCCM里面去。 The software patches seen in wsus and SCCM are inconsistent. How to solve them? Some patches have not expired or been replaced. They can not be seen in SCCM but can be seen in WSUS, that is, they are not synchronized to SCCM.
  2. 你好,请问我在SCCM 搜索KB4054518补丁,在WSUS控制台里面能看到,在SCCM里面看不到这KB4054518补丁,我该如何设置操作才能在SCCM看到这个KB4054518补丁呢?还是说取代 和过期的补丁是没办法同步到SCCM? Hello, may I search for the KB4054518 patch in SCCM, which can be seen in the WSUS console. I can't see this KB4054518 patch in SCCM. How can I set up the operation to see this KB4054518 patch in SCCM? Or is there a way to replace and expire the patch to sync to SCCM?
  3. Yes, it’s right upstairs, click on the action he said to check the error message. yes,楼上说的没错,按他说的操作点击进去查查错误信息
  4. Hello, can you solve your problem? I also encountered the same problem.
  5. [ChangeComputerName] WebService=http://sccm/risnaming/service1.asmx/GenerateName Replace it with this? [ChangeComputerName] WebService=http://sccm/OnevinnWS/sccm.asmx/GenerateName
  6. Hey, please feel free to help me analyze it. I really can't help it. Thank you. Also, does the CustomSettings.ini configuration need to be set?
  7. MaikKoster.Deployment.Webservice_v7_3.zip This Maik Koster 7.3 is hard to find and share with people in need.
  8. Thank you, I have solved the above problem. However, when reinstalling the system, select the english language and shut down the prompt. After booting into the system, nothing has changed? 201908060117Logs.zip
  9. failed to run the action create backup network scanstate folder incorrect function error 0000001 soruce windows Seems to be a problem with the network road, can't access? scanstate.log scanstateprogress.log smsts.log
  10. 感谢你的帮助, 不过又遇见新问题了,再USMT进行备份时候报错了 Thank you for your help, but have encountered new problems, and then USMT made a backup error. 是否我的utms没有这个配置文件造成的故障,默认usmt的配置文件没办法备份吗 Is my utms not caused by this configuration file, the default usmt configuration file can not be backed up? MigLog.xml scanstate.log scanstateprogress.log BDD.log checkcomputername.log Get-Driveletter.log GetComputerName.log GetResourceID.log IsComputerKnown.log IsVolumeEncrypted_ENCPART.log shutdownonerror.log sitecode.log smsts-20190806-120009.log smsts.log zticopylogs.log ZTIGather.log ZTISCCM.log
  11. What is going on, how to fix it? ZTISCCM.log 201908043SMSTSLog.zip BDD.log smsts.log zticopylogs.log ZTISCCM.log
  12. Guānyú_SMSTasksequence wénjiàn jiā shìfǒu biànliàng mìnglìng lái dàitì? Yòng mdt fābùle yīgè qūdòng bāo rúhé zhǐdìng mìnglìng lù jìn zhíxíng suǒzài chéngxù,_SMSTasksequence\packages\12000061\EasyDrv7_Win7.X86.Exe/Fa, wǒ fāxiàn zhège_SMSTasksequence wénjiàn jiā yǒu shíhòu huì zài zuìdà défēn qū lǐmiàn, bǐrú shì C.D huòzhě E wǒ gāi rúhé zhǔnquè zhíxíng_SMSTasksequence\packages\12000061\EasyDrv7_Win7.X86.Exe/Fa ne? 展开 246/5000 关于_SMSTasksequence文件夹 是否变量命令 来代替? 用mdt发布了一个驱动包 如何指定命令路劲 执行所在程序,_SMSTasksequence\packages\12000061\EasyDrv7_Win7.x86.exe /Fa, 我发现这个_SMSTasksequence文件夹有时候会在最大得分区里面,比如是C 。D或者E 我该如何准确执行_SMSTasksequence\packages\12000061\EasyDrv7_Win7.x86.exe /Fa 呢? About the _SMSTasksequence folder Is the variable command instead? Released a driver package with mdt How to specify the command path to execute the program, _SMSTasksequence\packages\12000061\EasyDrv7_Win7.x86.exe /Fa, I found that this _SMSTasksequence folder is sometimes in the largest scoring area, such as C. D or E How can I accurately execute _SMSTasksequence\packages\12000061\EasyDrv7_Win7.x86.exe /Fa?
  13. 有teamviewer吗。可否远程协助看下? Have you used the teamviewer software? Can remote assistance be seen?
  14. 目前SCCM版本是SCCM1902和MDT2013 update2插件 The current SCCM version is SCCM1902 and MDT2013 update2 plugin. 这个MMS-2016-Windows-10-UEFI-BitLocker-HTA 是替换旧The CM12 BitLocker FrontEnd HTA 哪些得对应文件夹目录? This MMS-2016-Windows-10-UEFI-BitLocker-HTA is the replacement of the old The CM12 BitLocker FrontEnd HTA which corresponds to the folder directory?
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