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Deilson Oliveira

[HELP] Offline Task Sequence Media and as last task capture C:\ and place in hidden partition

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In the company I work for, there are situations where internet access is very bad, so we deploy the image using offline media (putting the USB on the computer and installing the image from there). And there are also regions where it is difficult for us to hire temporary analysts to make some demands.

So I thought of an alternative to prevent our analysts who are on the users' end from always deploying when the computer has startup problems.

I was wondering if it could work like this:
1- The installation is performed normally, but in the part of creating the partitions, if you create a partition with a predefined size like 10GB for example or use the size of "install.wim" as size reference, and that this partition was hidden for that the end user does not see its existence. After that the Task Sequence continues normally performing the install.wim installation, applying customizations, installing programs and running scripts and so on.

2- At the end of the Task Sequence, a clone of the partition where install.wim was installed (C:\ normally) was performed to this hidden partition, creating a backup.wim for example, and here is the part where I don't know what to think , the idea I had is to create a custom boot.wim where it would be possible to clean the C:\ partition (which would be having problems in the future) and extract this backup.wim to the C:\ disk (Similar to Dell Assist Image) and point in the BCD file so there is a second boot menu that would be this custom boot.wim. What I don't know is how this boot.wim would be built, it would only be customized with .bat batch files, or a SCCM boot.wim that loads 5 task sequence only, where 1 would erase C:\ 2 partitions - Recreate the partitions again, 3 extract the backup.wim there. 4- Configure the BCD but without removing the second menu which would be the recovery boot.wim, and 5- restart the computer and work normally.

I know it's extremely complex, but I need to think outside the box to save financial resources and this idea would be very well received in the company, because that way, just a phone call to the user and in a few seconds giving correct instructions, he would be able to recreate your image again with all applications and customizations without a USB or any device to do this.

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