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How to integrate App-v with Microsoft VDI ?

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I have a complete Microsoft VDI infrastructure , meaning:


- I have a physical computer ( DC ) with the Hyper-V installed and the Remote Desktop Virtualization Host Role (this is where the virtual desktops for the clients are kept)

- Another physical computer (RDS) with all the other RD roles installed: Remote Desktop Session Host, Remote Desktop Connection Broker and Remote Deskop Web Access






Everything is fully functional, and both Private Desktop and Pooled Desktops features work properly.


Now, on the App-V side, i have the following:


- One physical computer with Hyper-V installed that has 3 VM: the App-V Management, the App-V Sequencer and the App-V client.






Everything is set up. I have a few applications published ( Like Adobe and Microsoft Project 2007 ) and tested in my virtual environment. Localy they run smooth.


On the RDS Server I also installed " Microsoft Application Virtualization for Remote Desktop Services 4.6 " Client


My BIG question is : How to successfuly integrate App-V ( the sequenced applications ) into the VDI , What is the next step ?


PS: Everything resides in the same domain (vdidemo.local)


Please help me, Thank you . :unsure:

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