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2 IIS servers, one public IP and one port


Hi all,


does someone know if it's possible to use the same public IP and Port 80 and dnsname and host content on 2 different IIS servers?


To clarify my question here the situation:


IIS 1: DNN server with a site and MS SQL database.

IIS 2: PHP server with a site and MySQL database.


Both servers should represent as one website to the external public, it shouldn't be vissible both parts are hosted on different servers.

Als due to proxyservers and portrestrictions it's not able to reroute using different ports.

Also the url for both servers should be the same. What on the other hand is possible is: www.xyz.com en www.xyz.com/site2


Is this possible and how should i do it?


Thx in advance!

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Ok, solved this issue myself.


First i installed PHP on the first server

Next I created a new service account

Then I created a share on the secondary server containing the website's files.

Added the service account and gave it readpermissions on the share.

Created a virtual directory in IIS under the main site.

Then used the new Serviceaccount on the primary IIS server to connect to the share

Then I added the index.php to the standard documents

Restarted the IIS service

and now both sites are online under the same domain, using the same port (with a different subdirectory) but the files are both hosted on other servers.





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