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How to configure Outlook Web Access for Exchange 2007

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I got a request for some time ago about providing a basic step-by-step guide how to configure Exchange 2007 for OWA




I suppose most of these request will be handling small installations and environments.

Of course I will try to help you with that.


Make sure that the Exchange 2007 machine is installed properly and works.

By default there is a self-signed certificate installed, it's recommended to replace this with a 3rd part certificate.


In the end of this guide I will provide some links how to create a certificate request and how to install the certificate into Exchange.

Regarding the certificate's those will not be discussed in this guide, follow my publishing Exchange services link in the end of this article.




Step 1.


Startup "Exchange Management Console" (EMC).






Step 2.


Go to Server Configuration -> Client Access and select the tab Outlook Web Access.


Right click and select Properties and type in the Internal and External URL for OWA.

In my case I've used" https://webmail.domain.local/owa" as the InternalURL and https://webmail.domain.com/owa as the ExternalURL.




Also go to the tab Authentication and select "Use form-based authentication" and choose "User name only" and browse for the domain.






Step 3.


Try to access the OWA internally from a client by starting Internet Explorer and type in: https://webmail.domain.local/owa.

Now you should see a form based authentication logon screen.


For being able to access OWA from external you will need to create an A record for the name webmail.domain.com and point it to a unique

public IP address and open for HTTPS (443) and forward it to the Exchange server.


For better security, you should publish the services using ISA/TMG.

Here's a link to a blog post where I've written how to do that.


Follow this link.




The basic configuration for providing OWA is now completed.




If you want the additional links for creating a certificate request and installing the certificate, check below J


How to create the certificate request


How to install the certificate


If there's anything unclear, just post a question of give feedback on the guide so I can update it.


Thanks for reading!

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